SaaS Management Platform

Submatiq is a management platform that helps companies manage SaaS applications, documents, billing, and reporting. Submatiq will help change the way companies manage their cloud services forever!

Manage your SaaS software

Find ways to cut SaaS spending among unused applications and users who don't use software to increase productivity. Why spend time dealing with each service when you could focus on creating something great? That's why we built a platform to help everyone get started with connecting apps and software.
Add your SaaS Software
More than 90 SaaS applications are purchased on average by more than one employee
Create your SaaS portfolio
You need to know what software is used in the company at any time
Control SaaS stack
Find and observe every application usage managed by multiple departments in your company
Analyze expenses on services
Our alghorytms will help you optimize SaaS expenses
Make better SaaS decisions
It is very difficult to make right decision while buying software. Submatiq grants you control.
We will help you buy best SaaS for your company
It's easy to organize and maintain your Software as a Service (SaaS) stack with Submatiq. You can launch and track any number of SaaS products, view all of your features usage and traffic sources, and easily collaborate on common features with your team.

Submatiq will help you manage costs and SaaS usage

Check the SaaS stack of other companies

Ready to check how Submatiq works?

Create an account and see how one system can give control and optimization of the SaaS stack so that your company can achieve sustainable development.
We're always here to help, so please don't hesitate to reach out if you require any further assistance!

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