Regain control of your company’s budget – all you need to know about budgeting reports

Budget management can be difficult, especially during times of social and economic turmoil. However, as a company manager or a financial controller, you can’t let the situation control you - instead, you need to take the proper steps to make sure you’re in control.
Budgeting report

But how to maintain control over your budget when everything else is in chaos? 

The simplest solution is often the best one: in this case, it is a budgeting report. With a proper budget report, you can spot the inefficiencies of your company and see where the biggest money drain is – which in turn gives you the opportunity to act before it’s too late.

But what exactly is a budgeting report and how do you prepare one? If you’re struggling with keeping a tight rein on your finances, keep reading to find the best strategies that will definitely help you regain control of your budget!

First things first – what is a budget report and how to compile it?

To get some insight into how well your company is doing spending-wise, you will need to first prepare a budgeting report, more often simply called a budget report. Reports are simple tools, which turn out to be of great help when trying to minimize company spending and maximize profits.

After you prepare a budget plan for a certain period of time, a budgetary report will allow you to clearly see how well your company has actually realized that plan. Every budget report needs two elemental features:

  • The amount of money you were planning on spending in a certain period
  • The amount of money you have actually spent during that period

Is creating a budget the same as forecasting?

In contrast to forecasting, budgeting reports don’t actually predict anything. A forecast will provide you with a rough estimate of how much profit your company is going to make in a given period. By predicting different scenarios and their likelihood of actually happening, you limit the amount of unforeseen events happening in the future.

However, unlike forecasting, budgeting includes the resources that you are actually prepared to spend for a given period. Forecasts heavily influence budget reports, which makes them both extremely useful tools in running a company.

The importance of budget reports for modern businesses

In order to keep your company growing in the modern world, you will need to cut unnecessary spending. Budgeting plans give you the ability to know exactly what to cut.

However, while our plans might seem perfect, the reality is often disappointing. More often than not, you are going to spend more than you planned for. Budgeting reports help you pinpoint what exactly went wrong with your spending. Analysing these drains will help you act accordingly to improve your budget control.

How can budgeting benefit my company?

More data is good and all, but how is it going to improve my company?

While data itself isn’t very meaningful, what you do with that data is. A proper budget report analysis will give you a detailed insight into company spending, giving you the opportunity to:

  • Improve your resource management. With better insight into company spending, deploying resources will be much easier.
  • Find inefficiencies in business performance. Struggling with finding where exactly you are losing money? No more!
  • Transfer surplus funds to neglected areas. Chances are, you don’t need more funds – you just need to re-allocate some of them to make it work.
  • Identify those responsible for errors. Reports will tell you exactly who messed up spending company money – as well as who did an extraordinary job!
  • Revise before creating your next budget plan. Learn from your mistakes and make sure not to repeat them in the future.

A simple budgeting control process

So, now you know what a budgeting report is and what benefits it may provide. However, how do you actually use this knowledge to make impactful changes in your company?

The process is actually quite easy and we can summarize it in just 5 easy steps:

  • Find out where you are financially. In order to make your budgeting report as useful as possible, inspect your records and establish how much you’ve actually spent.
  • Compare the report results with your budget plan. Remember that being under budget is just as bad as being over budget. 
  • Establish the difference. Now is the time to do the math. You don’t need any fancy tools for this – any spreadsheet will do, as it’s all just simple subtraction.
  • Figure out the why. Inspect every deficit and every surplus. Are they simple errors or long-term issues? Can I fix them instantly or do they need work? Take your time with this step – it’s one of the most important ones.
  • Implement changes. Depending on your situation, this may include transferring your budget to other areas or changing your spending policy.

Gain more control over your budget with Spend Management

One of the most effective strategies of gaining more control over the company budget is to introduce spend management solutions. Instead of relying on team leaders to pay for things from the company budget and later transfer that spending onto a spreadsheet, implement budgeted spending methods.

If, for example, one of your teams requires funds for new equipment, don’t simply give them access to unlimited funds. Instead, calculate the amount of resources needed for the upgrade and allocate exactly that amount to the team. Should they need more, they will need your approval – along with a good reason.

Conclusion – are budgets worth the hassle?

As you can clearly see, budgeting reports can open up many opportunities to improve your business spending. What you do with the knowledge reports provide is up to you, but every possibility for company growth should be of interest to the founder.

Data tracking is becoming an essential part of every company – and not without a reason! As it turns out, there are tons of inefficiencies that are almost impossible to notice without the proper tools. Budget reports give you that tool, along with a detailed list of areas that need improvement. 

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